Health & Rejuvenation Stone-Bead Collection 2021

New Lunar Year of the Ox -100% Local Handmade

Our latest Health & Rejuvenation Collection is created with positive energy by our skilled artisans to bring you beautiful stone-bead bracelets and other accessories to usher in the New Lunar Year.  The colors are selected in line with the auspicious colors of this year; yellow, green, red, blue and white.  They make excellent gifts for your loved ones and brighten up their spirits in these challenging conditions and move to a brighter future ahead.

Jewelry Box 4

Brooches, Pins, Necklaces, Belts etc.

Our Earth & Nature Brazen Collection focuses on colors that represent elements that compliment your positive energy and elevate you when any less positive energy arises.  They are easily paired with any of our clothing collection.

Image by Izumi Jones

Hair Accessories.

Our handmade hair accessories are unique and personal to elevate the beauty in you; be it  blonde, brunette, red, black or any other colours.

Bridal Hair